Getting Those Toxins Out

  • A “Toxic Free You” Program

    Are you sick or do you suffer from chronic pain? 

    Chemicals in, on and around us are keeping us Sick, Toxic, Depressed & Fat. 

    We are surrounded by kitchen products masquerading as foods, and carcinogenic scents. We are bombarded with advertisers promoting sugar and toxic fats as healthy. We put over 500 chemicals on our body, after we take a shower.

    In today's world our bodies have become a chemical depository. Habits and addictions along with exposure from a toxic outside environment can then add insult to injury. 

    Our brains are toxic too. We have been pushed to the limit with mis-information about what healthy really means.  We punish ourselves every chance we get by drowning our emotions in food, further limiting our ability to have "Quality Intimate Relationships."  We ignore our need for self-care. 

    Research tells us, cancer and autoimmune disorders don't just show up one day.  They take years to fester. They take years of self-abuse. Abuse that takes up residence in our organs and tissues several years after the abuse stops. 

    Do you want answers?

    Factors such as liver, kidney, eyes and bowel toxicity along with poor dietary habits, OTC's, skin care products, stress and more contribute significantly towards Hormonal Imbalances and Disease. These include Insulin Resistance, Macular Degeneration, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Depression, Insomnia, Obesity, and Cancer. 

    In my program you will learn:

    The Magic of "Self Care" and how to release toxins from within. 

     Pain Free Living and how the body can heal itself from inflammation.

     Gain more mental clarity.

     How to naturally increase your energy levels.

     How to lose weight without dieting.

     Decrease mood spikes.

     Prevent Illness.

     Learn how to keep your eyes healthy.

     Release your immune system from self - attack.

     Cut Cravings & Depression in half.

    Bottom line is our bodies are forever trying to get the toxins out, shouldn’t you?  Add me to your cart NOW!

    Connie is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Coach, an Expert in Toxins that can disrupt our Skin, Metabolic and Endocrine Health. An Environmental Toxin Expert, Published Author and owner of bitesizepieces.net and weightlossforlifechange.com  You can find many of her blogs on one of the most highly read health sites:  www.NaturalNews.com